How to Play

Imperium 1995 is a Squad RTS/FPS mod that combines the immersion and gunplay of Squad with the strategy and resource management of a real-time strategy game. Spawn tickets and capture flags are removed, and the commander is placed in a bunker where they can control base construction and get a bird's eye view of the battlefield.

Each team's command room is protected by three successive blast doors that must be breached with explosives. Mine precious malium ore to earn resources and build up your army. Invade the enemy base while defending your own. Breach the enemy HQ and kill the commander to win the game.  

Imperium 1995 is in active development. Are you an Unreal 4 developer interested in helping? See details in our Discord!


  • North Atlantic Coalition
    NAC team

    After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, with its main adversary in disarray, NATO faced an existential problem. Public pressure to dismantle the organisation had become overwhelming.

    NATO member states convvened in Brussels. In a 281 to 7 vote, NATO was to go into hibernation, and the majority of its military personnel across member nations to be disbanded. Budgets were reallocated towards technological advancements and research and development. The remaining military force was renamed the North Atlantic Coalition.

    The NAC is still technologically superior in most ways, but lacks the manpower it once had.  

  • Sons of Sahel
    SoS Team

    The Sons of Sahel is an alliance of North African and Middle Eastern countries, military organizations, and satellite cells. Their hardware is not as advanced, but they are still a formidable military force and have strong local support where they operate.

    Answering to a charismatic leader known as The Khan, the Sons of Sahel believe that God has blessed the Sahel with malium. The SoS have a duty to protect their land from the first and second-world empires, who stop at nothing to steal it from them—invading their land under the guise of spreading democracy, or socialism.

    The SoS has been cut off from the rest of the world's manufacturing through sanctions and blockages. They must often make do with salvage and black-market parts, but can incorporate new technology in clever and unpredictable ways.

  • Greater Revolutionary Union (planned)
    Generic placeholder image

    The 1991 Collapse and the following 1993 Constitutional Crisis brought a swift end to the once mighty Soviet Union. A proud nation was reduced to a shadow of itself. Unemployment and social unrest swept through the continent in the years after the collapse.

    China, experiencing its own troubles with the hunger crises of the early 1990s, saw political chaos and fracturing of its once solid leadership.

    The outlook for both countries looking grim, in 1994 a revolutionary group within the PRC was able to overthrow the government and seized power. In the following years, China annexed large areas of eastern Russia with the support of hundreds of millions of  impoverished. An unprecdented merging of the Eurasian continent formed.

    The Greater Revolutionary Union uses their numbers to their advantage. Their military hardware is often meant to support infantry transportation and logistics. They are know to use napalm, cluster weapons, landmines, and other munitions banned by the rest of the world.